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Teen Therapy

Self-injury - Depression - Anxiety - ADHD - School Avoidance - ADHD - LGBTQ+ Counseling Substance Use - Family Conflict - Talk Therapy

Getting adolescents to open up in therapy can be tough. They need to be heard, and they need to feel heard. That means you want to find a therapist who's going to be the right fit for your teen. Age, personality, experience, and style matter. I joke that I specialize in working with teens (15yo+) who have had bad experiences with therapy in the past; the reality is, this is actually somewhat of a niche for me. I rarely meet with high schoolers who don't want to schedule a second session with me. 

The research shows that regardless of treatment modality, the most important aspect of any psychotherapy is the relationship. I pride myself in making a strong therapeutic relationship a priority, early on in treatment. Once we get to know each other, teenagers realize I'm not just another adult in their life looking to tell them what to do; they understand that therapy is an okay place to get help for their problems, and I'm an okay adult they can turn to for help without fear of judgement. Let's schedule a time to chat on the phone and get them started.