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Young Adults

Anxiety - Panic Attacks - ADHD - Gap Year 

LGBTQ - Substance Use -  Talk Therapy - College Counseling - Dating Skills

Clients often tell me "I should know how to deal with this by now," when the reality is that nobody figures life out alone. Some folks have more help than they need, and others need more help than they currently have. I've navigated these waters before, and I can help you learn to navigate them, too.

Young adults struggle with a variety of issues. Some have normative difficulty transitioning from high school to college or the work force and need a little extra help adjusting. Others have a unique and profound difficulty making this adjustment. Regardless of the severity of their struggle, most young adults benefit from having a safe space to process these major life transitions.

The research shows that regardless of treatment modality, the most important aspect of any psychotherapy is the relationship. I pride myself in making a strong therapeutic relationship a priority, early on in treatment. Once we get to know each other, therapy can feel like an okay place to get help for your problems without fear of judgment. Let's schedule a time to chat on the phone and get them started.

Young Adults: Welcome
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